Hot Stone Massage

Using Black Hot Stones

After you've spent an entire day working and you feel like taking a deep, peaceful rest, the best way to do it is by heading to Oasis Spa ! For an average working woman, the pain and stress inside the muscles can really wreak havoc on the senses, making it very difficult to do even the simplest of tasks. The prevalent solution for this is to go for a massage, but wait; we have something that's going to enhance the efficacy of a massage, manifold! With our Hot Stone treatment or Bio Energy Therapy, we can help our customers get the best Hot Stone Massage state of body and mind within minutes. Smooth, volcanic stones are warmed up to high temperatures for this treatment. Our experts use essential oils to begin the massage Dubai and then place these stone on pressure areas and stiffened up muscles. The warm, radiating sensation alleviates tension and anxiety completely, calming the nervous system, while allowing our expert to massage even deeper within the muscles for an extremely wonderful experience. Placing the stones and gliding them along the body, our experts know just how to stimulate your body organs to help in stress-relief and detoxification. The Hot Stone massage Dubai , Is our specialist.